Stasi Bobo-Ligon

American, 1965
Total works: 27
Related Categories:

Abstract Art, Bright and Vivid Colors, mixed media, women artists, Cultural Comm...

Red Rum Punch
The Emancipation Continuum
WTF Rona
High Chroma Selfie

Rebecca George

American, 1972
Total works: 59
Related Categories:

Earth Tones, Abstract Art, intentionally exposed canvas, splattered and dripped,...

Wilder Fields Than These
Reconciliation With The Unknown
State of Being

Ken Hogrefe

American, 1958
Total works: 46
Related Categories:

Geometric Abstraction, Abstract Art, Earth Tones, Watercolor, Pastel

Cursive 11
Rocket 88
Compulsory Education

Sarah J. Berman

American, 1977
Total works: 22
Related Categories:

Dark Colors, Bright and Vivid Colors, Gestural Abstraction, Abstract Art, large ...

Getting Out of the Way
Forest Bathing

Daniel Martin Sullivan

American, 1980
Total works: 77
Related Categories:

Abstract Art, Bright and Vivid Colors, Black and White, Gestural Abstraction, Gr...

Strange Geometry

Steven Tritt

American, 1964
Total works: 88
Related Categories:

Portrait, Earth Tones, Abstract versus Figurative Art, Gestural Abstraction, Bri...

Three Faces to Consider
Guitar Jazz
Musing over Work